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  • Skyline Sprint

    Skyline Sprint

    Welcome to “Skyline Sprint”! In this thrilling map, your mission is to race against the clock while maintaining your time throughout your run. Your ultimate objective is to travel as far as possible. Along this exciting journey, you’ll encounter challenging parkour elements and obstacles. Time your jumps, soar across gaps,…

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  • Falling Sky

    Falling Sky

    Welcome to “Falling Sky”! In this captivating game, your mission is clear: Dodge the platforms descending from the heavens and aim to secure your place as the last one standing. Challenge yourself to outperform your own achievements, continually setting new high scores that defy gravity. As you navigate this thrilling…

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  • Dodge All

    Dodge All

    Welcome to a thrilling game of precision and strategy: “Dodge All!” In this exciting competition, your mission is twofold: evade incoming attacks while strategically aiming your own throws to eliminate the opposing team as swiftly as possible. But what sets “Dodge All!” apart is its customizable gameplay. We offer a…

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  • Slime Walls

    Slime Walls

    Welcome to an exciting gaming experience! In this straightforward yet thrilling challenge, your mission is clear: evade the impending walls! Aim to outlast your competitors or, if you prefer, aim to break your personal best records alongside your buddies. But that’s not all – we’ve added a one-of-a-kind game mode…

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