Skyline Sprint

Welcome to “Skyline Sprint”!

In this thrilling map, your mission is to race against the clock while maintaining your time throughout your run. Your ultimate objective is to travel as far as possible. Along this exciting journey, you’ll encounter challenging parkour elements and obstacles. Time your jumps, soar across gaps, and even construct bridges to navigate your path.

What sets “Skyline Sprint” apart is its dynamically generated maps, each one unique based on a Map ID. Share this ID with friends and rivals to compete on an online leaderboard or simply strive to outdo your personal best.

This Minecraft map offers three engaging game modes:

  1. Competitive Mode: Race to achieve the highest score and submit it to the online leaderboard.
  2. Casual Mode: Practice your skills without the pressure of a time limit.
  3. VS Mode: Go head-to-head against local players until only one player remains.


Players: 1+

Minecraft version: 1.20.2+




Click the button bellow to download the map.